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The Stories I Could Tell You… is the place to keep up with Martin L. Shoemaker, science fiction author and software architecture analyst.

Martin L. ShoemakerMartin L. Shoemaker is a software developer and a science fiction and fantasy author. Working in software helps him to think about technology and its impact on our lives, which gives him ideas for his fiction; and writing fiction lets him explore how ordinary people work with new technologies and new ideas, which helps him to devise better software. So he plans to keep doing both for as long as he’s able.

Science Fiction Author

As an author, Martin has sold stories to the following markets:

His writing has also won the following awards:

In addition, he has self-published two stories, and has more in the works.

Software Architecture Analyst

Martin is a software developer with 27 years experience in the industry. He has worked in the fields of color science, on-line shopping, databases, material handling, medical imaging, and customer relations management.

Martin is also a frequent speaker, having presented to Software Development West, Software Development East, Software Development Best Practices, Visual Studio Live, Visual C++ Developers Conference, UML World, Rational Users Conference, Web Services Edge, Rubi-Con, the Ann Arbor Computer Society, the Ann Arbor IT Zone, the Great Lakes Area .NET User Group, the West Michigan .NET User Group, the Chattanooga .NET User Group, the Grand Rapids chapter of the Information Technology Managers Association, and the Detroit Colour Council. As a speaker for the International .NETAssociation (INETA), he has presented to theOmaha .NET User Group, the Oklahoma .NET Users Group, the Tulsa .NET User Group, the Greater Lansing .NET User Group, and the Chicago .NET Users Group.

His most popular presentations are his UML courses, which he wrote and presents. He has presented this course both in public settings and for individual clients including:

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions
  • Intermec
  • Siemens Dematic – Rapistan Division
  • Arthur Andersen Consulting
  • University of Michigan
  • Target
  • EPOSCorp.
  • Syngenta
  • LaBatts
  • NISC
  • SER Solutions
  • Silicon Energy
  • Sports Media
  • Tyco International
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Best Software
  • CCH Software
  • Intuit
  • Shaw Industries, Inc.
  • Lanac
  • Afni
  • Fleet Lease Disposal, Inc.

As a side effort in his UML work, Martin has written two books on UML:

Martin has worked as a consultant and mentor, offering his guidance and expertise to clients who need high-quality design services with UML, as well as custom software in the Windows and .NET environments. He describes himself as a Software Architecture Analyst because he likes to work to better define requirements in order to define the right architecture and design, using both Agile and Orchestrated practices. As he says, “I want to prevent mistakes, not clean them up later.”

4 Responses to About The Stories I Could Tell You…

  1. Hello, Martin. I am tyring to contact you concerning a SF collection in the works. Alex J. Kane recommended you. Please email me back and we can discuss it further. Thanks!


  2. Clare Cross says:

    Hi – we met at the Duelists’ tournament (you may remember me as the author of Goodnight Keith Moon). I decided to look you up on Amazon (especially since I was so grateful that you bought my book) and found this blog – very interesting. Just wanted to wish you luck. (I was interested in looking into your work, but I don’t do e-books – kicking and screaming will I be dragged into the 21st century).

    • admin says:

      Hi, Clare! Yep, I remember you. I also remember reviewing your book, and getting in a fight with a Keith Moon fanatic with no sense of humor!

      I really need to update this site to add links to my published work. You can find the two volumes of Digital Science Fiction in paper:

      * Therefore I Am: Digital Science Fiction Anthology 2 contains “The Night We Flushed the Old Town”. No, it’s not the Old Town where the Duelists hang out, but it is inspired by the Old Town. And a couple of the regulars may seem a little familiar if you’ve met some old school Duelists…

      * Heir Apparent: Digital Science Fiction Anthology 4 contains “Father-Daughter Outing”, another story in the same universe. It’s loosely a prequel: the young heroine of the story eventually grows up to run the Old Town.


  3. Clare Cross says:

    I’m ordering Therefore I Am. I’ve not generally been a science fiction reader, but I’m ready to be persuaded.

    In a different genre (historical fiction about science?), I’ve just finished reading “Percival’s Planet,” about the discovery of Pluto, which I highly recommend.

    I appreciate your Amazon review. The guy who responded has responded to pretty much every review of Goodnight Keith Moon. He really, really hates our book. It’s almost like he’s stalking our Amazon page. I’m actually pretty amused by it.

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