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Writers of the Future, Q1 Volume 28

So now, finally, I can share the news that has had me ready to explode for two weeks. The Q1 (First Quarter) Finalists have been reported for this year’s (Volume 28) Writers of the Future contest. And much to my … Continue reading

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Wow! Albaloo Polow!

One of the best restaurants in Tycho Under is Ahmad* and Lil’s Fine Persian Cuisine. Why? Because I love Persian food. To my knowledge, there’s only one Persian restaurant in Michigan: Shiraz Grille in Grand Rapids. (Warning: that site includes … Continue reading

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Challenge Status, April 16

All stories are in the hands of editors. My new story is near 4,000 words, and the two main characters have just met. I predict another long one. Small steps, small steps…

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Heinlein’s Rules (ala Ellison)

For a long time, Dean Wesley Smith has been reminding us about Heinlein’s Rules for writing and selling: You must write. You must finish what you write. You must not rewrite unless to editorial demand. You must mail your story … Continue reading

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I’m baaaaaaack…

I got a little sidetracked writing Windows Phone games. I’ve had a lot of fun, and I’ve got a few people playing my games, which feels nice; but it’s taking time away from my writing. And for reasons I hope … Continue reading

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