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Happy Hitchhiker Day!

42 pounds down! And I had 35 minutes on the treadmill today for 452 calories burned, and 90 minutes of fencing at WMFA!

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Fitness Update 26 Dec 2011

In August, I was wearing jeans with a 44” stretch waist. In October, I bought all new jeans: 42”, no stretch. Today, those new jeans will slide completely off me, without me having to unzip, unsnap, or unbuckle my belt. … Continue reading

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Fitness Update 21 Oct 2011

Dumbbell chest press on flat bench: I’ve moved up to two 25 pounders. 3 sets of 12. My buddy Epee Bill worries that I’m upping the weight too aggressively, and he may be right; but it felt good! Besides, trainer … Continue reading

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Duelist News

Congratulations to my fellow Duelists! Epee Bill Emerson scored a silver at the MSU C and Under. Dan Bock and Thomas Becker scored gold and silver at Duel of the Realm. (Yes, yes, technically Dan is MSU. He kinda has … Continue reading

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